About me

A bit about me and the reason for Barkers

Since I was very small I have always loved and cared for animals especially dogs. I have studied many courses over the years within this field from Animal Physiology and Anatomy through to Dog Behaviour and Grooming. I have met many people with dogs, cats and other fluffy friends in their lives, who have told me about problems associated with their pets health and behaviour. Because of my deep passion for the well being of all animals I was keen to  help by sharing information that I had already learned. I also wanted to understand more about the relationship and interaction between pets and humans. People have always told me how good I am with dogs and cats too so it kind of seemed a natural step to move forward, learn more and try and use it effectively.

Having dogs and cats all my life has given me a deep respect for nature and for all living beings, it has also given me a curiosity to learn more. Preserving our wonderful planet is also very important to me and I believe the two go hand in hand. Today I am currently studying a number of courses including, Holistic Animal Healing, Dog Obedience, Pet Psychology, Herbalism and Homoeopathy.

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