Dog Training

If you have a puppy and need help or advice with house training, crate training, socialising, or general care please contact me as I can help you with this. If you need support or assistance with an older dog that has behavioural problems, again please contact me I will be happy to help you with an assessment and an appropriate training plan.

How can training help me and my dog?

Often with dogs, many behaviour problems are simply the result of a breakdown in communication. For example, most of us don’t even realise that our dogs are continually reading our facial expressions and body language for direction and signalling, as they would do as part of a pack. This is why training can often prove to be difficult and frustrating for both parties. How we communicate and behave around our dogs is key and with a combination of the correct body signalling and the use of simple, single word commands, training and communicating with dogs can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our dogs are not human after all and so the better we become at adapting our language to theirs the quicker and easier we are able to understand each other. I can help you work through some of the issues you may be experiencing with your dog whether they are about socialising, recall or unexplained or unwanted behaviour.

See the prices page for session rates and click on the map to see if we cover your area.

If you wish to talk through any aspects of your dogs behaviour or well being please call me, Alison, on 07918 628 728 or if you prefer, you can email me at


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