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Barkers Dog Walking and Pet Care Services for Bournemouth and Poole are available to you daily to help you care for all your pets and prices start at £6.50.

What about other pets?

If you have a Cat, Rabbit or Hamster etc I can help by looking after them when you are unable to. Having Cats of my own, especially an elderly one requiring daily medicine, means I am well used to their sometimes fussy and demanding ways! As my cat suffers from kidney disease I’m used to the daily routine of litter tray changing and cleaning and keeping a close eye on his overall well being. Although Cats are happy spending some time alone, most of them still enjoy company and the warmth of a good lap! Stroking a Cat can be beneficial and rewarding to both parties.

All Barkers services are about my love for all animals, especially dogs and to try to create a fun, exciting and stress free life for you and them. I have studied many courses and can help and advise you on training, behaviour, diet and health.

Following all initial enquiries I will meet with you and your pets for a free consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. From this I will be able to gain an understanding of your pet and the family dynamics so I can help you and your fluffy friends find your way to a more harmonious lifestyle.

Why use Barkers?

Simple – because I love animals and can provide you with a reliable, friendly and trusted service, helping you look after your pets. Caring for animals is second nature to me.

I’ve worked  full time in an office for most of my life so I know how hard caring for pets can be especially with a dog. It’s up and out early for the red eye walk, in ALL weathers and often in darkness, dashing home at lunch time, then rushing back after work to do the evening walk.  It doesn’t end there either, there’s the day trips, weekends away, nights out, holidays, visits to the vet, the groomers or the pet shop to coordinate too.  It’s just not easy when you are working or even if you are home, but have a busy life. Although it can sometimes feel like a labour of love, on the plus side owning and caring for a pet is extremely rewarding. My ultimate aim is to create harmony for your pet whilst you’re away from home and make life a little easier for you, because  you won’t have to worry. I love and care about all animals and have their best interests at heart.

Another reason to use Barkers is that if you have a Dog, you will know that they are pack animals and need companionship and attention as well as exercise. Unlike cats, dogs hate to be left on their own for long periods and can become lonely and suffer from separation anxiety. In the worse case, your dog may become unsociable and destructive. I can help by providing an excellent dog walking and minding service for your dog whilst you are away from home or busy – helping you to help your dog feel happier, calmer and more content.

Dogs in my care are never treated aggressively, unwanted behaviour is addressed with a combination of patience, distraction, and continual reinforcement of good habits. Overall you dog will be treated with love, patience and compassion, enjoying a fun walk or stay with us. They will be returned home calm, content and ready for a sleep. Using our service overtime will improve many behaviour issues you maybe experiencing and I can work with you to address anything specific.

Dog Walking in Bournemouth and Poole

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