Flower Remedies

Amazing Natural Flower Remedies for Animals. Help address any key emotional or behavioural problems your pet maybe experiencing.

Six special Flower Essence Blends used as a complementary therapy. Used by Veterinary surgeons, Animal behaviourists and people with their pets. These are natural, gentle and effective and can be simply added to food, water or treats.

Choose the remedy that closely matches your pets symptoms.

All remedies are available as 30ml Dropper Bottle, except for RELAX which is also available as a Spray for handy ‘on the spot ‘ use. All remedies are £7.95 + P&P

Flower Essence Blend

Used for ‘on the spot’ help for animals before, during or after any emotionally taxing, alarming, frightening or distressing event. This is like First Aid for Feelings – every pet owner should have a bottle to hand!
Use: Emergencies, Accidents, Traumas, Fireworks, Thunderstorms, Fear, Show Nerves, Fear of visits to Vets or Groomer etc. £7.95 30ml Dropper or Spray Bottle

Flower Essence Blend

Used for animals who are pining, bereaved, neglected, lonely, or suffering from separation anxiety,anguish or homesickness. Also used for animals who are re-locating or who need help adapting to new or unfamiliar circumstances.
Use: Bereavement, Kennelling,Re-homing, Relocation, Rescue Animals, Left ‘Home Alone’, Prolonged Anguish etc.

£7.95 30ml Dropper Bottle

Flower Essence Blend

Used for animals who are generally timid, spooked, nervous, clingy, submissive or insecure.
Use: Under-confident, Show Nerves, Shyness, General Timidness

£7.95 30ml Dropper Bottle

Flower Essence Blend
Used to help give a gentle ‘boost’ to animals that are generally apathetic, lethargic or weary. Also used for animals who are low, unmotivated or miserable.
Use: Sluggishness, Convalescence, Old Age,Sadness etc 

£7.95 30ml Dropper Bottle

Flower Essence Blend

Used for animals who are generally dominant, obstinate, hostile, volatile, stubborn, impulsive, unpredictable or stroppy.
Use: Territorial, Anti-Social,Nervous Aggression, Training etc

£7.95 30ml Dropper Bottle

Flower Essence Blend

Used for animals who are generally highly- strung, unruly, over excitable, frisky, attention seeking, erratic or uncontrollable.
Use: Nervous Energy, Disobedience, Training etc

£7.95 30ml Dropper Bottle

TIP: Both BALANCE and MELLOW blends can also be particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with training from a qualified animal behaviourist (where appropriate). Note: Flower Essences are a complementary therapy and are not a substitute for medical or veterinary care from a qualified

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